Wireless Support

I am unable to get connected.

Occasionally the wireless equipment will become locked up with power fluctuations, if you have this problem, power cycle the equipment and reboot your computer. We recommend that your equipment is plugged into a UPS or a surge protector at very least. If you are still unable to get connected call us at (800) 363-0989.

We had a heavy windstorm last night and I have no connection this morning.

It could be that your antenna was blown out of alignment. It is best if you visually look at the antenna and judge whether it is still pointing in the proper direction. We can help you with those directions should you not know where the broadcast base antenna is.

Does weather affect my signal quality and performance?

Our experience tells us that weather does not degrade your service quality. The only exception to this would be either a lightning strike at our base or on your equipment. We offer an inexpensive "no questions asked" assurance package that covers your equipment cost in event of such a disaster.

How do I use my backup dialup account in event of equipment failure?

As a service to our clients, each wireless account receives a free measured backup dialup account for your convenience. This account is limited to 25 hours/month. If the need arrises that you will need to use the account, setup a new dialup account on your computer, plug in the modem and set your browser to dial the connection instead of never dial a connection. Once service is restored, you can switch the browser back to a LAN connection.

Is your question still unanswered?

Should you still have questions or concerns, please feel free to send us an email using this form.
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